Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns Working Together on a Secret Project


When Geoff Johns took on being in charge of the DC Extended Universe, some assumed that Zack Snyder was no longer going to be involved and his last film will be the Justice League films. Seems like not only is Zack Snyder staying, but he’s working on another project with Geoff Johns. as during Joblo’s set visit on the Justice League set in London, they were able to interview Zack Snyder on whether he would be returning and here is what he said:

Geoff Johns becomes the topic of conversation as Zack shows his admiration for his work and comic-book world knowledge. Zack also mentions an upcoming project that they’ll be working on but wasn’t allowed to discuss further with us.

As you can see there is no mention of whether it’ll be another DC film or not, but with Geoff Johns involved there really is no reason to not think so. Zack Snyder is still slated to also direct Justice League 2, where he also went on to talk about his working relationship with Warner Bros. as it has been rumored they have gone through some rough patches:

When asked about the current corporate pressure for the movie(s) to perform, he talks about the misconceptions out there and how he is a true dear fan of the comics and how Warner Bros. didn’t push them around on it. ‘Batman V Superman’ was created as a great starting vehicle and not something just to sell tickets. He says the studio has been amazing and they love making personal movies.

Snyder also admitted that the Steppenwolf deleted scene was meant as an after credit scene but it was ultimately decided to avoid those:

Zack decided to drop that deleted scene of Steppenwolf’s reveal in ‘Batman V Superman’ online after it was decided that it wouldn’t work as an after-credits scene.

Source: JoBlo 

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