Zack Snyder Discusses Solo Batman Film


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, spoke with Empire Magazine about what made him stay on with the DC Extended Universe and more precise why he ended up deciding on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice instead of just making a new solo Batman film.

 “If it was a Batman movie it would be a much more difficult proposition because of how good Chris’ movies are. We live in gratiitude to those movies. Chris set a tone for the DC Universe, and separated us from Marvel in a great way. We are the legacy pf those movies.”

He also discussed with Empire Magazine about this version of Batman, keep in mind some of these comments were made before the trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad premiered.

 “We are playing him 45 or 46,” director Zack Snyder confirms. “He has been Batman for 20 years. All the history is there. Was there a Robin at one time? Possibly.”

“He has lost those near and dear to him, and not necessarily from old age of disease…We want to assume that Batman has reached this point in his life and career as a superhero, and Superman represents a sort of philiophical change. He is a paradigm shift for Batman: ‘I’ve been fighting criminals all my life, trying to find justice, and now I am confronted with a concept that is transcendent to me.’ In the face of Superman, a man robbing a bank doesn’t matter.”

“He’s having a crisis of conscience. ‘Am I really just a vigilante who stalks the alleys of Gotham?'” asks Snyder. “It is rich stuff that he deals with. Ben does an amazing job. It’s a point of view thing. That is why Dawn of Justice is the full title. What it does is allow us to start this conversation.”


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