10 Things DC Entertainment Does Well


When someone does something and does it well, the world deserves to know it. We at DCComicsMovie.Com would like to take a moment to highlight some things that we appreciate from DC Entertainment.


DIVERSITY In a time where ‘diversity’ is a hot word, DC continues to be the front runner in that realm. Never in the history of comics-related media, have minorities been so well represented, and those representations only continue to get better. In a time where minorities in comics were in short supply,dc_milestone DC struck a deal with Milestone Media, which brought an even more diverse element to the DC Universe as a whole. Since then, minority characters continue to rise to prominence, getting their own books in the comics, as well as playing key roles all over DC’s multimedia platform. Without a doubt, for any and everyone looking for reflections of themselves in comics-related multimedia, DC is definitely the place to find it.


GENDER_DIVERSITY Despite what the general consensus has been, DC has been the industry leader in their portrayals of diversity in their product. Setting aside the fact that they boast having THE most iconic Superheroine ever (and more on that later), for decades they have had very dominant portrayals of women in their comics and multimedia, and women play key roles in the DC universe proper. They often hold lofty positions, and/or are extremely intelligent, resourceful, or powerful. In the comics, they’ve had women in solo titles, female- themed books, and female-led series—more than any other publisher to date. In DC’s current multimedia push, that has become all the more prominent; when Diane Nielson took office within WB/DC Entertainment, she promised DC’s fans that women in particular would receive a major attention, and she has made good on that promise. Out of DC’s 8 current and upcoming TV shows, 2 of them feature women in lead roles, while the others feature women in prominent roles. We’ve also recently seen highlighting their history of showcasing LGBT characters as well.



SUBJECT_DIVERSITYAnother wonderful thing about DC’s product—as has been the case for decades—is vertigotheir diverse subject matter. DC comics is not just all superheroes. Over the decades, DC has given us Westerns, War Stories, Horror, and a host of other genres, not only through their mainstream line, but also via Vertigo and other imprints. These stories, and the characters that have appeared in them, have made their way to multimedia, in the form of television and movies. This is a claim that very few of DC’s competitors can lay claim to.




Map_of_the_Multiverse DC’s Multiverse is enough to make proponents of String Theory envious. The DC Multiverse is a well fleshed out, practically living organism, complete with its own cosmology and parameters of operation. The Multiverse has continued to grow in sophistication over the years, and its influence has even managed to spread to other aspects of multimedia, as DC officials have stated that their animation, live TV, and movie universes each exist as a part of the DC multiverse, with varying levels of connections to each other. This is yet again, something that it often emulated but never duplicated.




LEGACY Family history is another aspect of the DC Universe that adds to its uniqueness. No other publisher has been able to capture the magic of DC’s legacy of heroes, and the endless well of stories that it provides. Even though Superman is lauded as being “The Last Son of Krypton”, he is far from Krypton’s last descendant. There are easily a half-dozen characters that carry on his legacy. The same applies to Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and others. DC’s legacy of heroes is what differentiates the feel of the DC Universe from others, and demonstrates the difference between a Super Team, and a Super Family.




DC_TV DC has had a presence in multimedia, for nearly as long as media has been in existence. Starting out with the Superman radio shows, and quickly graduating to TV, DC has maintained an almost non-stop foothold on television that continues to this very day. Starting with Superman, and continuing with many of DC’s heavy hitters, the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman and Shazam. To date, DC boasts the most successful, and longest running comics-related TV show, in the form of Smallville. And even now, they show no signs of slowing down; DC currently has 4 successful TV shows currently airing over 2 different networks, with an additional 5 scheduled to begin airing over the next year, not to mention an additional seven in development. Make no mistake: DC’s television history solidifies them as the uncontested kings of TV – past, present, and future.




SUPERFRIENDS Yet another multimedia platform in which DC has reigned virtually unchallenged in as well. Beginning in the 60’s, and led initially by Batman and Superman, and even featuring more obscure characters like Swamp Thing and Shazam, DC animation culminated in a nearly twelve-year run of perhaps the longest running super-hero cartoons, Super Friends. With the exception of a few short-lived series here and there, DC took a near decade break from animation, but came back on the scene with one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time, Batman: The Animated Series. This one series gave way to yet another triumphant, decade and a half-long reign of animation supremacy; from Superman: The Animated Series, to Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, to Batman Beyond, to Static Shock, and Teen Titans. young_justiceEventually, all of this gave way to one of DC’s most critically acclaimed series, Young Justice. DC’s animation is what, in no small part, made DC and its characters into household names. There have been entire generations of children that have grown up with these characters. And that is a legacy that continues to this day, as DC continues to create unique animation experiences, in the form of Direct-To-DVD animated films. Throne_of_Atlantis_Cover




DC_GAMESSince the advent of the video game era in the 80’s, DC has had its foot in the video game door. Practically every year from the onset to date, DC has released games on almost every known game system. Granted, in the beginning, many of those games were not much ado, and other comics-related companies excelled in the video game medium. Now, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and DC has been steadily earning the crown in the video game realm, while other companies are virtually no-shows. Game series such as the Arkham series, and Injustice: Gods Among Us have earned critical acclaim, and even named Game Of The Year more than once.




VILLAINS The Joker. Lex Luthor. Deathstroke. Harley Quinn. Black Adam. When the world thinks of Super- villains, they think of DC. Rarely do villains of other companies come to mind, the way DC villains do. Only DC can produce comics dedicated solely to their villains. Only DC can produce a movie like the Suicide Squad, dedicated to a team of villains. It is said that “a hero is only as good as the villain they fight”, and it’s DC that makes good on that premise.




ICONIC_HEROESMake no mistake; DC’s heroes are THE modern-day mythology. In most cases, Superman and Batman serve as the archetype for other comic book characters. Their presence has spread to other genres and mediums. The ‘S’ shield and the Bat Symbol are on record as being just as, if not more recognizable than most religious iconography. And even beyond recognition, DC heroes have nearly reached mythical and religious levels. And in speaking of myth, there is a reason we call Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman ‘The Trinity’, and the justice_leagueJustice League as a whole can quite easily correspond to Greek and Roman pantheons—some characters directly so.  In many cases, DC heroes represent a level of ethical measurement that most characters from other companies simply cannot compare or measure up to. Bottom line: DC characters are hands down amongst the most powerful, the most iconic, and the most heroic of all comic book characters.



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