5 Things DC Entertainment Could Do Better


As much of a DC enthusiast as I am, nothing is without flaw, and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the things that I would love to see DC improve upon. However, I try not to think of these as flaws, so much as a fan request wish list. And so it goes….



In all honesty, this is a point that could serve to win favor for DC in the public eye, while dc_all_accesshelping to win the popularity contest. Unfortunately, we live in times were DC is the underdog, and connecting with the fans in a more direct way could only increase DC’s public image. One way in which this could be accomplished, is via a vocal, passionate representative. Simply put: DC needs a face. Someone the fans—current and potential—can immediately identify with. Now granted, DC has begun to make some in-roads in this regard, with their DC All-Access YouTube page. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s easily accessible. Then there’s the official DC website, as well as fan sites such as the esteemed DCComicsMovie.Com. So does DC need more? Do they need their own version of Stan Lee? Or are enthusiasts like us enough?



When word broke that Milestone Media 2.0 was coming, this humble fan was quite happy. My first thoughts were ‘took ’em long enough’. My second thought was, ‘so what does this mean for DC?’ As I’d previously written, MilestoneMilestone fits quite well with DC. DC has a history with a variety of franchises, from Fawcett, Charlton, Quality, and Wildstorm, all of which have added to their tapestry. Milestone is definitely of that caliber. In this DC enthusiast’s opinion, there is no better partner for Milestone, other than DC. As we understand it, Milestone does have some projects in the works with DC, such as the Static Live Action Digital Series. Here’s hoping DC will increase their relationship across other multimedia platforms.



Okay, so don’t get me wrong; it’s great that we have Teen Titans Go, and that it’s insanely successful. However, that young_justicealone simply isn’t enough to satiate those of us DC animation fans. Many of us are still smarting over the cancellation of awesome shows like Young Justice, and Green Lantern. While we understand the reasons for those cancellations (well, not really), that doesn’t stop us from missing them just the same. For that matter, there simply needs to be DC animation on, well…. somebody’s network, on a weekly basis. So what say you, DC? Is there a new cartoon series in the works? And if there isn’t, will there ever be?



In my previous article, I wrote in detail about bvs_logoDC’s great history with multimedia. However, there was one aspect that was conspicuously absent. That is because this is the one elephant in the multimedia room, that DC hasn’t quite shown up to as of yet. Now granted, I could have spoken about the fact that DC was the first to create the cinematic experience, and that they’ve had varying levels of success with movies over the years. But we all know that’s not what the fans care about; as the saying goes, ‘you’re only as good as your latest effort’. And while Man Of Steel was amongst the greatest comic book films to date, the fans are thirsting for more of the DC Cinematic Universe. Yes, yes, we know it’s on its way, but in in the era of popular comic book movies, we all are wanting and expecting more from the company that basically started it all. And for those keeping score: movies are the last piece of the pie that completes DC’s total domination of multimedia. Just sayin’.



Constantine_MOSMuch to the chagrin of many DC fans, DC has made their position rather clear, that DC films and TV will remain separate—at least for the time being. However, in a time when Cinematic Universes have been become the thing that most fans desire. Again, we as fans understand the reasons given for keeping things largely separate, DC has already proven that creating a larger Cinematic Universe not only quite possible, but also very successful, if and when done right. Arrow, Flash, and the upcoming Legends are clear and present examples of this. Now, we all know that coordinating a TV universe, and then merging it with a movie universe can prove daunting. But we all have faith that DC can accomplish this like no other studio can. Here’s hoping this is in the cards.

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I've been an avid DC fan since my early childhood. I was first introduced to DC via their animated product, but it wasn't till the mid/late 90's that I ventured into the realm of actual comics. Now, as a lifelong DC enthusiast, I look for any & every opportunity to take in DC product, be it in the form of movies, animation, video games, TV shows & the like. DC is where it's at.
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  • Red Queen

    The only way I want the DCCU and the DCTVU to connect is through a crisis crossover, That would be epic! Other than that, I honestly think that keeping them separate works best. But I wish all the tv shows were connected…

    • The only way it’ll work at this point is through a crisis type of storyline with all the different shows being on different Earths and DCCU being on one Earth.


        I agree, it would have to be under special circumstances, like a Crisis-type of event, that a TV/film merger would happen.

        • I definitely see how bringing them together (TV & Film) could cause a ‘crisis’ to deal with. But, I would like to see a one-shot merger. I thought I would like them to be merge initially, but I gave it some thought. I watch TV and Films with ‘different lenses.’ I expect different things from each respective Universe. So, I like the idea of a Crisis-type, One-shot merger. The idea of the Multiverse makes that reasonably possible.

  • Eric Curto

    I’m glad they don’t connect the TV & Film universes, Joss Whedon recently said he doesn’t really care for Marvel connecting the show with movies as it limits the creativity of those writers, this is the same thing that could happen with the DC shows, do fans want Gotham connected to the Ben Affleck Batman? Or if they connect it now you’ll get the nitpickers who see the same technology and now the writers of the films have no choice but to keep Gotham’s universe intact limiting them. Crisis would be a great way to do it as a one shot but aside from that keep them separate

  • Zombiest

    I have to disagree with the shared universe thing. Marvel hasn’t had much success in this area. Sure it’s nice to know that AOS and the netflix shows exist on the same plain but it hasn’t yielded any fruit one way or the other. I still think Marvel shot themselves in the foot by not making the Netflix shows as 70’s period dramas, where you could still say they exist in the same universe (much like agent carter) but are not beholden to any events that take place in the movies. Daredevil managed to do what AOS didn’t and that is make it it’s own thing, but it still won’t mean much unless they bring either some of the more important (not just Nick Fury) characters from the movies to the shows or vice versa. I like that the DC TV universe is separate. I would love to see a crisis type event.

    • It’s true, Marvel’s endeavors with their shared universe should be seen as a learning experience with DC. I think the interconnection on Marvel’s part is failing. Because they tried the top-to-bottom approach; building the movies, while inserting the show(s) in as an afterthought. So it looks like the shows aren’t as important as the movies. But WB/DC could very well approach things differently; they try a bottom-to-top method, where the TV shows inform the movies instead of vice versa. Especially since the TV shows have a bit more seniority, & the movies are still in their infant phase. Now don’t get me wrong. DCTV is an unstoppable monster in its own right. If the connection never happens, I’m still enjoying what we get regardless.

  • The blade only remains lethal by sharpening it’s dull edges. I’m glad that you mentioned things which could help DC improve. Yet, I’ve seen so many great things coming down the pipeline, I imagine they are no strangers to reflection and self-improvement.
    Great article, Mighty Icon.