A New Batman V Superman Trailer On The Way


Recently someone disrespectfully leaked a foreign trailer of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this was thought by many to be what we will see on Monday in IMAX and be officially released in Tuesday, however according to the Twitter account @ManofSteel who said he works for Warner Bros. this is not the case.

This comes to no surprise if it’s true, as different regions have different censors and guidelines when releasing a trailer, so to those who feel like this event had been tarnished fear not, we will get a proper release. I haven’t yet seen the leaked trailer out of respect but it be interesting afterwards.

Following this reveal @ManofSteel added some more responses when questioned:

He later responded with this:

Which means that the leaked trailer is most like one of them and we will get another one.

This is certainly great news for us fans and those fortunate enough to head to the IMAX screening on Monday if what this twitter account said is fact.

Eric Curto
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