Alan Ritchson Shazam in the DC Extended Universe?


Alan Ritchson who has played the role of Aquaman on the television series Smallville and has been fan cast  in the role of Shazam by fans, as well on our Top 10 Actors Who Could Play Shazam, list, apparently answered a fan’s question about whether he’s playing Shazam, in which the actor replied with a simple “Yup”.

It’s hard to tell if he’s playing with the fan or if he’s being serious on the casting of the role. It’s also worth noting he has tweeted Stephen Amell who plays Green Arrow on Arrow, on Twitter and Instagram, showing a connection between them, so it’s possible if he is Shazam, maybe it’s the television version of the character. Until confirmed by Warner Bros., take with a grain of salt.

Eric Curto
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