Amazon Warrior Using a Lasso Found On Vase


DC Comics lead female warrior Wonder Woman, has always had long roots in Greek Mythology as the Amazonian Princess of Themyscira and would often use the Lasso of Truth, which forced her enemies to tell the truth. However it has never been seen as based on any real images of an Amazon using a Lasso (or Lariat) until now.

According to Discovery News, a 2500 year old Vase which depicts an Amazon Warrior using a Lariat was found in a museum in a small America town. Created between 480 and 450 B.C. in Athens, the image is attributed to the Sotheby painter.

“It is the only ancient artistic image of an Amazon using a lariat in battle,” Adrienne Mayor, a research scholar at Stanford University’s departments of classics and history of science, she told Discovery News.

Mayor noticed the vase at the University of Mississippi Museum during research for her 2014 book “The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World.”

“The vase would have held a Greek woman’s intimate make-up or jewelry. The images on the box suggest that women enjoyed scenes of Amazons getting the best of male Greek warriors,” Mayor said.

According to the researcher, the suspenseful scene of a Greek male about to be lassoed by a powerful foreign warrior woman was exotic and also subversive, a surprising twist on traditional Greek women’s roles.

The Amazon is portrayed in a dynamic action just before roping her victim. She looks back over her shoulder at the lasso she is swinging while the Greek man crouches under his shield with a spear.

“The rest of her rope, painted purple like her shoes, is coiled around her waist, and she correctly holds the lariat’s loop near the knot,” Mayor said. “Her technique is accurate for roping something straight ahead,” she added.

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