Arrow vs Stardust At SummerSlam 2015


The feud between Stephen Amell and Stardust has heated up to a boiling point tonight as Monday Night Raw had the two finally come to blows after much teases from past Raw appearances and Twitter taunts.

After the encounter above Stephen Amell demanded to Triple H that he approve a Summerslam match between the tow, in which Triple H agreed.

I will admit, while I think wrestling, more particularly WWE has gone to crap, seeing Stephen Amell join in on the “wrestling” was fun and reminded me of the Zeus vs Hulk Hogan matches when the WWF film “No Holds Barred” was first released. Now the question is will it be Stephen Amell vs Stardust or will he costume it up and go as (Green) Arrow vs Stardust?

Eric Curto
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