Arrow’s Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg on Talia Al Ghul


During an interview this week about the latest episode of Arrow, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg sat down and talked a bit about the possibility of Talia Al Ghul coming to the Arrow Universe and his thoughts on Nyssa Al Ghul.

“Who’s Talia?” Joked Kreisberg, sending a quiet ripple of laughter through the room.

“I ate her. She was my twin, I ate her in the womb,” Law answered, to more laughter.

Finally, Kreisberg got serious. “We haven’t made any firm decisions on whether Talia exists in our continuity,” he said. “We are so, so, so happy with Katrina and Nyssa, and if we ever think of a reason to have a Talia or whatever incarnation we decide to do, it would be in service of furthering Katrina’s story.”



Talia Al Ghul has been the most well-known Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul in both comics(debuting in 1971 with Detective Comics #411) and TV(with Batman: The Animated Series), she is also known for being the mother of Damien Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s/Batman son (check out Grant Morrison’s Batman & Son, as well as the animated film Son of Batman) and the 5th Robin. She has also had one live action appearance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises played by Marion Cotillard.

While I, myself love the character it was nice to see the unknown daughter get some time much-needed exposure. Nyssa Al Ghul for those curious first appeared in 2003 in Detective Comics #783.


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