Michelle Rodriguez Debunks Green Lantern Rumor


Moviepilot had done an article based on speculation a while back, but its misleading headline had started to pick up steam (we decided not to run with the rumor as it’s all speculation) that Michelle Rodriguez was possibly going to portray Jessica Cruz/Power Ring in the DCCU.

Recently TMZ caught up with Michelle Rodriguez and her response was very vocal that she thinks the minority in Hollywood and casting non-white actors in roles that are white needs to stop.

In the past we have had Samuel L Jackson portray Nick Fury (although it is based on the version that changed race to begin with), Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm for the upcoming Fantastic Four, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin in the Daredevil and even Will Smith was approached to play Superman (his response was similar as well).

Michelle Rodriguez is obviously under the impression that Green Lantern is only white, the version she was “rumored” to be in talks for was Jessica Cruz, a Hispanic member of the Green Lantern Corp (who originally was the the Earth 3 counterpart to Hal Jordan).

I personally feel that as long as the character’s core essential characteristics are intact then I don’t mind a non-white actor playing the role, what’s great about a comic book film is it has years of different versions of a superhero, so you can have Green Lantern be black without taking away the possibility of seeing a white Green Lantern, same here if they ever did choose to make a Hispanic Green Lantern.


Michelle Rodriguez posted a video a few minutes ago on her facebook clarifying what she meant in the TMZ video(they tend to catch celebrities who are rushing to get away, so talk quickly). Here she points out that the minorities should try to create their own mythology…watch the video below for accurate details

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