Ben Affleck Confirms He’ll Will Be at San Diego Comic Con


Ben Affleck, made an arrival in the states on Father’s Day, presumably to spend time with his children and while he was signing some photos of himself as Batman, he was asked if he will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, in which he replied “Yes, we’ll be there. ”

Now its most likely the “we’ll be there” is the cast of Justice League, possibly with some raw footage, like they did with Wonder Woman for the television special DC Presents: Dawn of the Justice League.

Comic Con 2014 Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill and director Zack Snyder made a surprise appearance at the Warner Bros. panel, though it was only for a few minutes as they were still shooting Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it certainly made an impact, despite more stuff happening that same day,  so I can see them doing something similar for this years con.

But it’s also possible he maybe there with fellow The Batman co-writer Geoff Johns as they could announced the release date for the solo film or/and announce some cast members.

Eric Curto
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