Ben Affleck Gets Ready For Justice League: Part One in the Most Awesome Way


Ben Affleck has been in the news quite a bit in both positive and negative ways, but in a report by Daily Mail, a UK based news site, Affleck has turned the negative into a positive.

According to Daily Mail, while Ben Affleck returns to the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Justice League: Part One, he will be joined by his family as they have apparently rented a place to show support on the director/actor’s new film. Ben Affleck and Daredevil co-star and ex-wife Jennifer Gardner recently divorced, but have stayed close friends as an example to their children.

Although, Ben Affleck has yet to comment but this is very possible as the former couple has been seen as a family unit quite a few times, but all in all take with a grain of salt. Still if true it be a great experience for him and his family.

Justice League: Part One begins shooting on Monday April 11th and is being Directed by Zack Snyder based on a script by Chris Terrio.

Eric Curto
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