Zack Snyder Discusses a Cut Scene From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Superman


With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice still making money at the box office and being #1 for the 2nd weekend in a row, director Zack Snyder discussed another deleted scene that will more than likely be on the Director’s Cut that will be released in the Summer.

The scene in question would have caused more controversy, but it would have also created a whole new layer to Superman’s character and it’s a shame it was deleted.

Keep in mind there is a BRIEF SPOILER to those who have not seen the film.

An interview with IGN revealed from Zack Snyder the scene involving Superman attempting to find his mother Martha after Lex threatens her and showing his limitations and the idea that since his mother is in danger he chooses to ignore many pleas for help. An element that many would have had a huge issue with as to many fans Superman would never pick and choose who to save, even though it’s impossible for him to save everyone all the time.

Eric Curto
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