Ben Affleck Says the Batman Film is on the Right Track to Start Shooting in Spring


Well the signals certainly keep getting more and more mixed, yesterday while doing a Q&A Ben Affleck acknowledged how he is no rush to start on the Batman film due to the script not being right, now while promoting his newest film Live By Night, Affleck has confirmed what Joe Manganiello had said a few weeks ago and that is the film is going to start shooting in the Spring of this upcoming year.

Variety broke the news on this one and here is the full conversation about The Batman.

His next film The Batman,” finds him donning the cape and cowl again. He will also slide behind the camera. Affleck indicated that he expected the film will begin shooting in the spring.

“We’re on the right track with that and everything is coming together,” he said. “We’re still finishing up a script. I’m very excited.”

There’s been a string of films featuring the Gotham avenger — some good (“The Dark Knight”), others not so much (“Batman and Robin”). But Affleck had nothing praise for the directors and actors who have put their own imprint on Batman.

“I respect all of those [Batman] movies,” he said. “Christopher Nolan did an incredible job, Christian Bale did an incredible job, Tim Burton did an incredible job. At a certain point you have to look forward and try to believe in your own vision for it and not be looking over your shoulder the whole time. I go into that movie with a tremendous amount of respect for the people who came before me.”

No release date has been made for The Batman, but it’s expected to be filling in the release date Justice League 2 once held June 14, 2019. If the shooting starts in the Spring, I find it hard to believe that the film will be released in 2019 and is more than likely headed for the Untitled 2018 release date of October 5, 2018.

Eric Curto
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