Ben Affleck Spotted on Suicide Squad Set as Batman


On Tuesday we reported that Ben Affleck was seen on the set of Suicide Squad, which pretty much confirms he is in the film but our question was wondering if he was just there as Bruce Wayne for the film or if he’d be Batman at some point.

While it may seem silly to think David Ayer would not take advantage of having him there to have him not suit up we were unsure until now.

Well etalk, a entreatment news outlet in Canada, caught Ben Affleck all hidden under a robe on the set last night and were able to get a few photos, one confirming he’s has the Batman suit on.
As we reported they filmed a scene last night into today that required snow and we also saw pictures with Will Smith and what may be Deadshots daughter filming is a Christmas scene, during the filming of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice we never got any paparazzi or fan photos of him in the outfit and with this having more of what seems to be outdoor scenes we may see more of him with these robes on covering the batsuit.

Source: etalk

Eric Curto
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