Birds of Prey 2017 Reunion Panel at Dragon Con 2017


A reunion panel for The Birds of Prey was held at Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend and it featured Dina Meyer (Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl), Ashley Scott (Helena Kyle-Wayne/The Huntress) and Rachel Skarsten (Dinah Redmond/Black Canary II).

The Birds of Prey ran from 2002-2003 on The WB and canceled after only 13 episodes due to low ratings. Unlike most shows it was given a proper finale and has generated a huge cult following.

As with many panels the cast answers questions involving other projects they’ve done, as well as the stunts they performed in the show and what their memories are of the show.

They do discuss how it felt to have Harley Quinn recast from Sherilyn Fenn in the pilot to Mia Sara in the series and how it feels for any actor or actress to be replaced.

They also discuss how fortunate they felt to have an actual finale as many are left on cliffhangers that are never resolved.

At the 25 minute mark they are asked which superhero they’d like to be and Rachel Skarsten talks about her love for Batman, specifically Adam West. Ashley Scott praises Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman as well as the film saying “I’d say Wonder Woman, but that’s a hard act to follow, the film was amazing.” Dina Meyer just says Deadpool.

They also say how they would love to return in the roles, with Ashley Scott saying The Huntress was her favorite role she’s ever done.

They described Birds of Prey as ahead if its time and how Arrow is doing exactly what the show wanted to do. Rachel Skarsten adds that while Smallville and Birds of Prey had the same production company, the tones were different and Smallville’s was more right for the time and if the series were to air now it would still be on the air.

Around 38.50 mark Ashley Scott discusses working with Shemar Moore, who played Detective Jesse Reese.

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