Bizarro Set to Appear on Supergirl


According to Supergirl’s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, on Episode 103 of Fatman on Batman, a podcast run by Superman Lives writer Kevin Smith, we will be getting Bizarro soon on Supergirl.

The question does come to mind though if a new actor will be cast or will they go with Kelvin Caliber who has been playing Superman from afar on the series.

Both Tim Daly and George Newbern voiced Bizarro while also voicing their respective Superman’s and Tom Welling played the role as well as his own Clark Kent. However, The Adventures of Superboy did have another actor playing the role.

Either way it’s great to see that the mythos of Superman is being played with and I do hope to see a Bizarro Supergirl or even Galatia, a character introduced in the DC Animated Universe but modeled after Power Girl.

Source: Fatman on Batman

Eric Curto
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