Black Adam Standalone Film Announced


A couple of days ago Dwayne Johnson sent out a tweet to a fan who was concern over his comments about the tone being changed a bit and in that response he let it slip that the “BA film” has been in development for a while and now it’s official, we are getting a Black Adam stand alone film.

No word on if Shazam will be appearing but it is known that the film will be an adaption of the most recent take on the character,  which was written by Geoff Johns, who is more of an anti-hero going after those who enslaved his people.

Johnson’s been involved with the role since 2008 and even before that with the Lobo film, so he has shown to be a huge fan keeping his patience going on the development the films have been in and now it must feel great for him to know it’s moving forward.

With the meeting that occurred and the fact that Brad Peyton has just been followed by Geoff Johns, it may seem to be that Peyton is taking on the director’s role for the Black Adam film. No official announcement on a writer or director has been made, but it’s likely Johns will have a hand in some of the writing.

Later in the day, Borys Kit, writer of The Hollywood Reporter further reported that Black Adam will not be appearing in the first Shazam movie as a villain. He didn’t say for sure if he will appear or not at all in Shazam, though I speculate it would be a cameo.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Eric Curto

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