Bleeding Cool Bestseller Top 10 List Shows 7 DC Titles Dominating Sales


Bleeding Cool has released their weekly “Top 10 Bestseller” list and it’s not surprising that DC Comics dominats the list once again. Batman continues to be the top seller, along with Nightwing, Harley Quinn and the two Justice League titles, Justice League and Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Superman and Green Lanterns continues to also bring in new readers and hang on to readers who have enjoyed the titles in the recent months.

Batman #14
Justice League #12
Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #3
Walking Dead #162
Superman #14
Nightwing #12
Harley Quinn #11
USAvengers #1
Green Lanterns #14
Deadpool The Duck #1

The reasoning for many of the retailers has to do with the Rebirth event and the lower price for each DC Comics books. The retailers have also said that the stories have continued to be compelling.

Other DC Titles that have sold strong are:

Strong interest in 1990s DC’s–Superman, Action, Batman, Flash, and Justice League. Also a renewed interest in 1990s Captain America from folks who miss the days when he was an admirable hero.

Flash back issues have been popular. The 1990s Wally West series. Biggest surprise for back issues was Final Crisis and its tie ends being bought out.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad is this week’s top book for us, followed by Batman, Justice League, Walking Dead, Superman, Saga, Harley, Green Lanterns, Green Arrow and JL Atom. We then have 3 MORE DC books, Nightwing, Aquaman and Injustice before we see our first Marvel books at spots 14 and 15: Avengers and US Avengers. Then even Death of Hawkman just barely beat out Unworthy Thor.

There was also mentions that the Rebirth titles released in hardcovers have also been selling well.

Still moving tons of Rebirth sets or almost full sets of main titles like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lanterns, JL and more.

You can read the full statements from various retailers on Bleeding Cool.

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