Jared Leto Teases a Possible Hint at the Story Behind The Joker’s Teeth


Jared Leto has been very quiet since the release of Suicide Squad when he made some joking comments that was shared as serious and now has made a bit of noise that could hint he is returning soon.

On his Tumblr account he posted two photos, one being the cover from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joker and another photo of a tooth in a purple Gucci ring box. It’s been made clear that when Leto is in Joker mode he can be a bit of weirdo and this definitely points to that.

With two films that the Joker show up in getting ready to start going into pre-production, one being Gotham City Sirens and the other being The Batman, it’s possible that he is hinting that we will see more flashbacks to further expand how his character ended up with capped teeth in Suicide Squad.

It’s also possible a story element can be introduced that gets rid of the capped teeth and will show a bit of change to the character moving forward.

One thing is certain he is staying with the DC Extended Universe, so all the rumors suggesting otherwise are false and why we haven’t reported on them.


Eric Curto
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