Blue Beetle Easter Egg Revealed For Arrow


It was confirmed a while back that while Ted Kord and his alter ego Blue Beetle were meant to be in the third season of Arrow, he was replaced by Ray Palmer/The Atom as said by Andrew Kreisberg “DC has other plans for him. “

Now it seems like more references are being made toward Ted Kord’s existence. Executive producer of Arrow Marc Guggenheim, shared on his twitter a storyboard photo of Black Canary and Speedy on Ducati. We all know by now that when we see Easter Eggs they are always meant to make an appearance, so could this be the season we see either Ted Kord or The Blue Beetle?

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In the comics Ted Kord was the 2nd Blue Beetle, created for Charleston Comics and later incorporated into DC Comics,  the version that was seen on Smallville’s final season was the Jaime Reyes version, which had become popular thanks to Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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