The Court of Owls Maybe Coming to Gotham


According to, during their recent Gotham set visit, gave them the impression that The Court of Owls will be making an appearance in the second season of the FOX television series. 

I knew it, I knew it and while it has yet to be confirmed it seems very obvious that we will be in fact getting The Court of Owls story arc. The Court of Owls is a group of high society “villain” types who run Gotham.

When Season 1 ended with the idea that Thomas Wayne had his own secrets and that those secrets would eventually push Bruce Wayne to his Batman destiny, I shouted out “THE COURT OF OWLS HERE WE COME. ”

It certainly makes sense that this group could be featured, while the story itself was meant to show that even Batman doesn’t know everything about his city, Gotham would most likely give Bruce more knowledge than the comics would have him know.’s recent set visit this could hold true:

“We have a long history,” Frain started, “yeah, with the city,” Lucas finished – already working together in a very sibling manner. They also said they’re on a revenge mission, implying that their family felt slighted, perhaps by the rise to power of the Waynes.

And that’s where this new image, released last week, comes into play.

That’s Theo Galavan, seemingly having a conversation with a man in armor, some kind of cloak, and a very interesting looking cowl. The point on the cowl is especially interesting, as it is very reminiscent of the Owls and their footmen, the Talons.

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