Brad Peyton Be Up for Directing a DC Extended Universe Film?


Geoff Johns who’s the co-head of DC Films, has started to follow on Twitter Brad Peyton, who’s the director of such films as San Andreas, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Rampage, all of which starred Dwayne Johnson, who is playing Black Adam in Shazam.


Now the question is could Peyton be directing a DC Extended Universe film? Fans have speculated that the film is Shazam, which is very possible, he has a working relationship with Dwayne Johnson, Geoff Johns has just started following him, shortly after a meeting that took place for Shazam and Johnson in the past has said the Shazam film could happen sooner than planned. So the signs are pointing to this as the most likely of possibilities.

However, we have a few other films he is a fit for and are in early development, such as Man of Steel 2, which could feature Black Adam and The Flash, which are in the middle of looking at other directors.

Keep in mind Peyton has not followed Geoff Johns back, though Hiram Garcia and Johnson have followed him for awhile since they have worked together in the past.

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