Dwayne Johnson Explains the Tonal Shift Will Be Natural for DC Extended Universe


A few days ago Hiram Garcia, Geoff Johns and Dwayne Johnson all expressed their excitement for the tonal shift the DC Extended Universe will be having, along with a successful meeting that had occurred on the Shazam.

Since then, fans who enjoyed the first three DC Extended Universe entries have shown concerns that this could be another result of Warner Bros. getting nervous and changing their tone for those unaware of what the plan the studio has really is, similar to what we saw with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin after Batman Returns was considered “too dark” for a superhero film.

Johnson has since gone on to his Twitter to shed some light on what he meant by a tonal shift, that it will be natural, not a sudden change to please people who didn’t like the earlier films.

He also responded to another tweet where he mentions that many of the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are friends of his and they like to pick on each other, trying to put an end to the sensitivity both sides tend to have when a comic book company is slandered in any way.

He also points that he and the team he is working with are hardcore fans and have been working on Black Adam for awhile.

Eric Curto
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