Calista Flockhart May Not Be Returning as Regular in Supergirl Season 2


When Supergirl was announced to be renewed on The CW, the question was raised about which actors would be returning as a new contract is bound to be made due to pay cuts, moving to a new shooting location, etc.

We were also assured that Calista Flockhart, who plays Cat Grant, would be continuing to appear on the series and while it looks like she will be returning, it’s the status of her character’s role that is in question.

While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Pedowiz the President of The CW spoke on his excitement for Supergirl airing on the network for its second season, he then went on to mention that new negotiations are ongoing at the moment, as Calista Flockhart’s contract was for her to stay in Los Angeles. Working on the series now would require her to either move to Vancouver, like many have done or commute.


“We’re in ongoing discussions,” Pedowitz says. “We’re thrilled that she wants to continue with the show and we’re happy to have her in [in whatever capacity] works out.”

There are a couple of ways they can explain her reduced appearance. They could have Cat Grant leave National City as her business expanse or have the rest of the cast move to a new location. The latter is more likely as Vancouver has a lot of wet weather and will look dramatically different from Los Angeles where National City is filmed at.


Eric Curto
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