CBS and Time Warner Planning to Take The CW Shows Off Netflix and Hulu


As previous reported back in November, there’s been talks of Time Warner taking all DC Television series from Netflix and Hulu, now more steps are being taken for this to become reality. If you stream any of The CW shows on Netflix or Hulu, you may need a new strategy. According to Business Insider, CBS and Time Warner are taking steps to remove all The CW content off the services once their contract is up.

Why? You may ask, because CBS is planning to launch a streaming service for The CW in the coming months, and for and additional $2 to $4 a month, The CW Streaming service will allow subscribers full access to past and present shows live as well as ON DEMAND. CBS co-owns The CW along with Warner Bros. Television Division Time Warner. It would be interesting to see if CBS will offer a joint subscription that will allow you access to both CBS and The CW titles for one low price.

Personally watch the shows either live or DVR, but if they do add in both networks, may give this service a try, if nothing else to remove my cable, since CBS is currently the only reason I still have cable.

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

My name is Eric and I am loving this current comic book boom, I was around for the first one with Superman: The Movie, Supergirl(being the first female and crossover film) and Batman and have been enjoying the resurgence since Blade. Can't express how much I cannot wait for WB & DC to take back the film universe but until than I love the TV shows we have gotten. I only started reading comics about 10 years ago but am connected more to DC over Marvel or any other major company. If you wanna chat feel free to contact me
Eric Curto
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  • Geej McAbee

    I don’t have cable, so I watch next day on Hulu. This makes me sad.

  • Troy

    If cbs is the only reason you have cable then why not cancel cable and use cbs all access