Charles Roven to Change Positions as Producer in Future DC Films


Charles Roven who has produced much of the DC related films for Warner Bros. since as early as Batman Begins in 2005, is reportedly going to take a more Executive Producer position in future films in the DC Extended Universe.
Accoridng to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s due Warner Bros. wanting to ramp up the number of DC films and Roven not being able to handle pre, post and production on multiple films in different locations around the world:

One reason for the shift in thinking is that Warner Bros. wants to ramp up the number of DC productions, and sources say it would be physically impossible for one man to handle pre-, post- and production on multiple movies in locations ranging from Australia to Los Angeles to Louisiana to London.

Though Roven may still be involved in future films in a producer capacity:

“Roven is a key member of not only the DC slate but of the Warner Bros. family,” says a studio spokesman.

While this news has yet to be confirmed, it’s not that surprising as Geoff Johns has assumed control of the overall DC Extended Universe and changes are expected as the vision is becoming more in focus. Roven’s position as Producer of Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League: Part One will remain the same and there is a chance he could resume the role for the sequels.

Eric Curto
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