DC All Access Discusses The Flash, Supergirl and Rebirth


DC All Access released a new video today explaining some of what made the Rebirth universe possible as Artists Ethan Van Sciver gives us a rundown on what to expect with DC Universe Rebirth #1.

Also in the video we are given details on Superman #52, and the Vertigo title Suiciders: Kings of Hella #3 is also given a rundown. Along with those comic book details, there’s also feature interviews with Carlos Valdes (Cisco), Jesse L.Martin (Joe West) and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash) as they discuss working with Kevin Smith, Supergirl, Mark Hamill and possibly more speedsters and non-metahuman villains on The Flash.

DC All Access airs new episodes every Tuesdays where they discuss all things DC, on Youtube.

Eric Curto
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