Cinematographer Larry Fong Comments on Postive Working Environment on Zack Snyder Films


Cinematographer Larry Fong worked on many films, with a good part of them being Zack Snyder films, so it’s not surprising when a fan asked what his favorite movie experience was that he would talk about his experience working with Snyder and his films. Commenting on how positive Snyder is and how everyone is an equal on set.

The movie Fong worked on with Snyder are 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This compliment to Snyder’s work comes after DC Animated Films director and DCEU storyboard artist Jay Oliva praised the experience working on the DC Films with Snyder. Also commenting on how he helped to bring the final fight at the end of Man of Steel to life.

This also comes after Watchmen still photographer Clay Enos showed his support for Snyder by throwing shady comments towards Joss Whedon after being fired from the Batgirl film.

Eric Curto
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