Connor Hawke to Appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Shares has revealed that Connor Hawke will appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, they got the confirmation from Warner Bros. after hearing a few reports that pointed to that conclusion.

Connor Hawke is the son of Oliver Queen and ex-girlfriend Sandra Hawke. Conner later becomes Red Arrow and was even Green Arrow for a short time.

Although the character has been hinted at existing and even having a couple of scenes to further push the idea that he could appear, apparently this won’t be the Connor Hawke that will appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Not much is known except this version will be that of a lost hero, his connection to Oliver will not be the same though. No casting has been announced either.

It’s also not known if the character will ever appear on Arrow as Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim had already said that Connor would never be addressed on the series months ago.

Keep in mind the basis for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be them traveling into other timelines but it will also follow The Flash’s exploration of other worlds, so maybe this will be an Earth 2 version of Green Arrow.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Arrow Vol 2 #0 (1994)

CREATED BY: Kelley Puckett & Jim Aparo

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