Constantine Adds Magic to Arrow’s Ratings


Arrow is the one series airing at the moment that has been a toss-up with fans, some love it, others hate it and with a less than satisfactory third season it had us wondering when we may see an increase in the ratings and it seems as though Matt Ryan’s appearance in last night’s episode was the key.

According to TV By the Numbers last night has seen the highest rating the series has had since it’s series premiere back in 2011. With a rating of 2.7 in Live viewership and 1.0/3 in the 18-49 Demographic, we are sure to see an increase when Streaming and DVR ratings are added into that.

Also to note added their Composite Rating for the episode and it hows to be a 4.97/5 among viewers which in itself is impressive.

Matt Ryan has openly spoken up about returning again as the character after his play ends in January and with these number it stands a good chance to help The CW reconsider renewing Constantine.

Of course if these numbers hold steady or rise it could show the renewed interest in the series but if it were to fall back it could also show that there was a huge interest in Constantine himself.

The episode itself I felt was well done it didn’t overdo it with Constantine and integrated him nicely and it was a nice touch to use the Constantine theme music. The episodes biggest fault for me anyway was you can see how different the budget is between shows, which is my only concern if The CW were to reconsider the series for renewal (I’d love to see TNT renew it).

Eric Curto
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