Constantine and Arrow Give “The Bird” To NBC


If you haven’t seen the awesome episode of Arrow featuring Matt Ryan as John Constantine, then you truly missed a treat.

But if you think for a second that Warner Bros/DC is not still a bit sore about NBC’s premature cancellation of Constantine (and very well they–and we as fans and viewers–should be), then think again.


During the episode, Constantine charges Felicity with task of finding various ingredients for the soul reclamation spell for Sarah. Felicity brings back the ingredients, one of which is a peacock feather.Constantine_PeacockThe feather was presumably for the spell, but as it turned out, Constantine had other (rather humorous) intentions for the feather. Clearly the jab was meant for the execs at NBC (whose network emblem is the famous peacock), who didn’t believe in the show. This was all the more apropos, as the ratings for this particular episode of Arrow, in which Constantine made his debut, was a hit in terms of ratings.

Now that this week’s episode of Arrow firmly establishes Constantine in the Arrow-verse version of the DCU, here’s hoping that we see a lot more of both the character and the actor that plays him in the future.

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