Constantine: The Complete Series Releasing on Blu-Ray and DVD


DC Comics ran an advertisement in this week’s issues that announced the arrival of Constantine on Blu-Ray and DVD through Warner Archives, a manufacturer on demand service that releases shows and films for per-order, instead of mass production for store sales.

In the advertisement it also showed that iZombie and Lucifer were also part of these releases, which is a bit strange as Warner Archives are typically bare bones releases and those seasons have extras.

In the article it also stated that Daniel Cerone had commented that the series was getting some new music to alter the expensive music heard in the original airing and CW Seed streaming service versions, indicating that it was in fact getting a release.

Cerone however has gone to his twitter with a cryptic message about it being true or not. He never confirms or denies the possibility, but does state it would be good news if its true. No release date has been set and the Warner Archives has not listed it for pre-order as of yet.

Eric Curto
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