Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill Tease “Hush” and “A Death in the Family”


Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy at the Toronto Fan Expo, who are known for their voice work for Batman: The Animated Series as The Joker and Batman as well as other DC related shows and film, spoke at a Q&A panel where they made some interesting teases on upcoming animated films.

During the Q&A Conroy and Hamill had answered the questions involving their thoughts on Young Justice, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad as well as other versions of Batman and The Joker.

They were also asked if they would be returning in their DC Animated Universe voices and they responded by name naming both Hush and A Death in the Family, which received a huge response from the fans in the audience.

Both stories are pretty vital to the history of the character, with Hush being the most recent and popular. While A Death in the Family was partially adapted in Batman: Under the Red Hood in the prologue of the film, so the chances of them going back and adapting that story again, especially with a different cast is most likely slim, but Hush is certainly a possibility.

Mark Hamill also had his own solo panel, where he talks for a good portion of the panel before fans are able to start asking question. Hamill discusses his thoughts on the recent The Flash television series, his inability to understand the fan sites that although they love the franchises are going out of their way to leak information and take away the element of surprise for fans.

Eric Curto
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