Could John Wesley Shipp Suit Up In The Flash Season 2?


John Wesley Shipp certainly knows how to hint at something, he has been asked several times about wearing The Flash costume and each time he has always said he trust in what the writer prepare for him, but now he is adding to it. The idea of the multiverse is certainly a fun one as you can present the most outrageous version of a character and know that if it doesn’t work out, you can kill them and still have the main version we all know and love. Well that may clue into a way we might see John Wesley Shipp as a speedster himself, which he spoke on in an interview with

So would you put on the Flash costume again?
Well, with all the new technology…I don;t know. We’ll see. I’m so in awe of Greg, and Andrew, and Jeff, and what they can do. It’s like what Mark Hammil said when he came back. He was like really? the Trickster I could barely fit into the unitard back then. But they way that thery brought him back worked out for what he turned out to be. So I would totally trust them, particularly given the evidence of the first season, that id they wanted to do that, then I would feel protected.

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