Stephen Amell San Diego Comic Con 2015 Interviews


Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen, as well as Green Arrow on Arrow, did a round of interviews for The CW television series this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

Stephen Amell touches upon his role in the WWE conflict with Stardust, whether he will fight or not. He also talks about how Victor Garber made him smile in their promo.

Also he discusses a conversation he had with Jason Momoa about his role as Aquaman and quoted him as saying “I’m savage” but Stephen Amell says he is not sure if he meant him or his character.

He also talks about Glen Winter and his new directing gig on Supergirl and what helped him to get the job as well as loving the idea of a crossover.

Stephen Amell also discusses the difference between his take on Oliver Queen and Justin Hartley’s version on Smallville, where he mockingly jokes about the fans of that version not wanting to watch his version.

He then starts to sing a rendition of the Little Mermaid song “Part of that World” as it might be from his daughter’s point of view.

He discusses a conversation he had with Grant Gustin during the crossover about any of The Flash cast being killed and Grant’s optimism that they are lighter.

Stephen Amell is than surprised that his moderator Alan Tudyk voiced Oliver on Young Justice and The Flash on Superman: The Animated Series when asked about an Arrow face off.

He also says he is working with Zack Levi but doesn’t expand on what it is, could it be Arrow related or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 or something else?


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