Theory: Could Lisa Snart Recruit Cisco As Vibe?


In The Flash we have gotten to know Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes) as the tech genius who loves to give each Of The Flash’s Rogue their own names.

We also know that his character becomes Vibe (created by Gerry Conway & Chuck Patton), a lesser known hero, who would join the Justice League for a short time (first appearing in Justice League of America Annual #2), so how can a hero possibly join up with a villain?

Well perhaps an accident occurs in which he blames the team or maybe his weird relationship with Lisa Snart/The Golden Glider (played by Peyton List) could be the reason for his turn, IF he is a villain of course. This situation could just be him momentarily drawn to her ways.

In the last episode we see a bit of flirtation on Lisa Snart’s end and Cisco doing his best to not show an attraction to her wild side, of course this was more like her playing around just to have fun with him, but what if this is a hint to what will occur later?

In the comics Lisa Snart recruits a team of Rogues such as Heateave, The Trickster and Mirror Master to get revenge on The Flash and is stopped by The Flash, Pied Piper (who has a beef with Cisco already) and Captain Cold, what if Vibe is another she recruits? Its even possible that Cisco could be a mole of some sorts and uses the weird attraction to gain intel if she were to recruit the team.

We know that Vandal Savage will be the main villain in Legends of Tomorrow but we also have to assume he is not the only villain we will see, so what if a part of the season we see something like this?

What do you think?

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