Wonder Woman Unaired Pilot – Review



Wonder Woman is a never-aired television pilot by Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment for NBC. The Wonder Woman pilot was expected to debut in 2011, but NBC opted not to buy the series.

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DIRECTED: Jeffrey Reiner

WRITER: David E. Kelley


Adrianne Palicki …Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Cary Elwes …Henry Johns

Elizabeth Hurley …Veronica Cale

Edward Herrmann …Senator Warren

Tracie Thoms …Etta Candy

Justin Bruening …Steve Trevor


I felt there was only a few changes needed, but it had a great tone to it and Adrianne Palicki and Elizabeth Hurley did an amazing job as Wonder Woman and Veronica Cales respectively.

The first problem I saw here was how the character seemed to have already publicly announced that she was Wonder Woman, yet she still felt the need to walk around in the Diana Prince look, that kind of confused me at first, but then I just figured she likes to change her look like any other woman.

Another problem I saw was that she was the head of a corporation (named Thermyscera), not sure exactly what they were a corporation of, but it does seem like she is using her abilities to not only help people, but also as some sort of way to make money, this did bother me a bit, cause Wonder Woman isn’t about fame or recognition, so this is far from what she would be doing.

I haven’t read many Wonder Woman comics, mainly Superman and Batman comics with Wonder Woman in it, but I do have this memory of a time, I believe in the 70’s where she had lost her power and was involved in the corporate world, if my memory serves me right, that is what most likely the series was basing itself around.

The special effects for this episode were obviously not all finished, we have a puny looking plane, which I believe was just something for her to sit in, while Special Effects made it appear invisible.

Wonder Woman’s attitude seemed to be responsive to me, the few incarnations I’ve seen, she does appear as a defensive woman, having been raised to believe men were the only reason for the downfall of life as it has become, but I’m guessing if the series had continued they would get deeper into why we were slammed into this point of her world and not earlier.

Justin Bruening has two scenes in the pilot as Steve Trevor an ex-boyfriend, who Diana had left shortly before she decided to commit her life to stopping bad guys, I’m guessing this would have been addressed as well, but we do discover he is married, which of course would have made for another plotline for the series, as they having to cope with leftover feelings for one another. I like the actor, he portrayed Michael Knight Jr. in the revamped Knight Rider series back in 2008 and does a fine job here. However, the problem here is that this type of storyline has been used in EVERY new series that has come along.

The rounding cast to mention is Carey Elwes as Henry Johns, a corporate partner of Diana’s, who does seem to care for her, probably more than she knows, he also seems to be the one she confides in a lot with her other life. Tracie Thoms plays Etta Candy, Diana’s publicist, secretary of sorts, she is also another person Diana talks with a lot. Both cast members fill their roles nicely and helps to establish Diana’s close and only friends.

The fight scenes are done pretty well for a pilot, with the last one being the better of the two, I think another issue that fans that have actually seen the pilot is Wonder Woman’s willingness to kill, but you gotta see it like this, she tries to deny that she is human at all, there is a scene where she meets Senator Warrin (played amazingly by Edward Herrmann) where she refers to him as human. However she still has the emotions of a human being and was mad after a friend had died due to the wrong doings of Veronica, she was also defending herself. I especially liked her use of her bracelets when the bad guys were shooting at her.

I really hope Wonder Woman gets another chance on television, Warner Bros./DC Comics seems more willing to have two versions on at the same time. It won’t happen until after the Gal Gadot solo film, but it’ll be nice.

Eric Curto
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