THEORY: Could Power Girl Appear on Supergirl?


With Supergirl now officially in Pre-Production of its first and hopefully long series run on CBS and recent comments by Geoff Johns that we would see stuff as comic book style as Gorilla Grodd was on The Flash, it got me thinking could we ever see characters like Bizarro or Power Girl appear? This is another theory of mine and is not from any news source or from the series, so take this as speculation.

First off Power Girl has had several versions over the years and I will post the two versions I think will more than likely be the ones to appear if at all. Also keep in mind the look of Power Girl would most likely get changed a bit if it were to happen. Anyway, in the words of The Joker..

Here we GO….

MOST WELL KNOWN ORIGIN: While Power Girl has had only a few revisions, most of them all are consistent with her being the Power Girl of Earth 2, which in comic book canon is actually the Golden Age timeline that continued to go on when the canon was retconned to the Silver Age with the first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash in Showcase #4 (1956). This origin could work if we were to get multi-verses introduced in this new series or if later on they do finally connect the series with The Flash. The New 52 also brought this origin back but making Power Girl officially Supergirl of Earth 2, instead of being called Power Girl and being adopted by Superman instead of just being her cousin.


Keep in mind both versions or maybe neither could appear on the series if at all, but this is why I think we may see this particular version. In the DC Animated Universe Bruce Timm introduced Galatea, who is basically just Power Girl, she was made by Cadmus Labs and Dr. Emil Hamilton, who stole Kara’s Kent/Supergirl DNA during the period of time in the Superman: The Animated Series series finale when Superman was brainwashed by Darkseid. Due to Dr,. Hamilton’s fear that Superman and Supergirl could turn rogue he cloned her and in Justice League: Unlimited she made her appearance psychically linked to Supergirl. On the CBS series we already know that Hank Henshaw(played by David Harewood)is very untrusting of any alien beings with powers and in the comics becomes Cyborg Superman, what if we see him create a clone of Supergirl that he feels he can control? There is an alternate universe version(Earth 9) of Power Girl who is married to a Black Superman and a genetic experiment by the Chinese Government, another scenario, although, highly unlikely.

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Would you like to see any of these versions?

Eric Curto
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