Could Rick Famuyiwa Be Directing The Flash?


Director Rick Famuyiwa, best known for directing the recent hit film Dope, started to follow many DC Extended Universe cast and crew members. This could be a sign showing that Famuyiwa is now involved in a DC Extended Universe film. Now the question is, what film could he be in line to direct?

Famuyiwa has followed the accounts listed:

  • Geoff Johns – Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, Co-Writer of The Batman and head of the DCEU
  • Jason Momoa – who is playing Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe
  • Ray Fisher – who is playing Victor Stone/Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe
  • Ben Affleck – who is playing Bruce Wayne/Batman, he is also Co-Writing The Batman and Executive Producer on Justice League: Part One
  • Zack Snyder – director of 3 DC Extended Universe film as well as Producer on the other films
  • Gal Gadot – who is playing Princess Diana/Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe

Along with the main film accounts for Wonder WomanSuicide Squad and the official DC Comics account.

Though the most notable follow is comic book writer Mark Waid,  who’s best known for writing DC comics such as  Kingdom Come and what he got his recognition for, which was his run on The Flash, in which he created the character of Bart Allen, known as Impulse/Kid Flash.

The Flash being the next upcoming DC Extended Universe film to be put into production after Justice League: Part 1, that no longer has a director, it makes sense to speculate Famuyiwa is attached to The Flash, if all these recent follows mean anything.

Source: Twitter

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