Theory: Could Suicide Squad Feature Multiple Heroes?


I came to an idea or theory recently, based on the news we have received about Suicide Squad and wanted to share my theory with the fans here on

As you see from the headline my theory is, what if we see multiple DC Heroes throughout the Suicide Squad film? Here are some of my reasons for the theory.

We already know that Batman and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne are in the film, this could be like Batman: Assault on Arkham where Batman cameos throughout the film, but what if it’s just one of the many times Task Force X faces off against a DC hero, who unbeknownst to them are interfering in their forced mission?

We recently saw that a Magic Fundraiser will be in Suicide Squad, which made me think of Zatanna, who not only is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, but is a member of Justice League Dark, which is currently in development. It’s a great way to introduce the DC Extended Universe audience to the idea of magic in this world. Of course The Enchantress is already doing that, which also makes me think this is possible as she has gone up against Zatanna a few times.

Hawkman #4 (1964)

Another part of my theory is early on in the shooting of the film it was confirmed Midway City, would be featured at some point. This city is where Hawkman and Hawkgirl are typically shown to be in, not only that but Zatanna first appeared in a Hawkman comic book. So my thought is what if we do get to see Hawkman or Hawkgirl appear? We already know that both Hawkgirl and Hawkman will be featured in The CW DC Television Universe, but Shayera Hol, whose origin is being used is actually not being used. Maybe the reason is her name will be in this film?

This is at the moment the furthest that I have gotten in my theory, although, we may only see Batman, I wouldn’t mind seeing the other heroes, as not only does it make sense, it also introduces more heroes and establish this world is filled with history waiting to be explored.

As Amanda Waller says in the trailer–“Maybe Superman was a beacon for them to come out of the shadows?”

Eric Curto
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