Could Zatanna Be Referenced in Suicide Squad?


A new photo showing Suicide Squad filming a Gotham scene Friday night in downtown Toronto, has been shared by Twitter user .

In the scene being shot, we see an ambulance that reads Gotham City above it, along with a banner that read Magic Fundraiser, at what could be a scene with The Joker, as reported Jared Leto arrived back in Toronto a few days ago.

We already know that June Moone, who’s played by Cara Delevingne, becomes the magical witch Enchantress, it could very well be a scene with her character as well.

But my feeling is that this will be an introduction to the character Zatanna, who’s a member of the Justice League Dark, who frequently goes up against Enchantress in the comics and has even been defeated by her. She has also had an association with Batman, as being a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne.

Another reason I believe this could be her introduction is we already know from previous reports that a good portion of the film will be set in Midway City, the home of Hawkman, Zatanna first appeared in the comics was in Hawkman #4.

This is all speculation, could be false and even if there is a reference to her character there is no guaranteed she will even appear as there hasn’t been known casting of another female actress who could play the role. However, that could also mean it’s not Zatanna but Giovanni “John” Zatara, her father.

What do you think? You think I’m reaching?

Eric Curto
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