Cyborg Superman and The Eradicator Could Join Supergirl in Season 2


In a recent EW Spoiler Room set of interview we may have found our answer as to whom maybe the villain in season 2 of Supergirl, and for those reading the current Rebirth comic books or those who read the New 52 run of Supergirl may find themselves in for a treat.

Who’s the new villain on Supergirl in season 2? — Li
To start, it’s Project Cadmus, the mysterious organization that’s apparently been holding Jeremiah Danvers hostage — a second big bad will emerge later in the year. “[Project Cadmus is] dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “They’re fanatics. They’re true believers. It’s a collection of scientists, of very bright, patriotic people who truly believe what they’re saying. That makes them even more dangerous.”

The use of the word Eradicate has me thinking we may end up seeing The Eradicator, a clone of Superman, who is currently a big part of the Superman story arc. With Tyler Hoechlin on the series as Superman it would allow for him to appear in more episodes without risking overusing Superman on a Supergirl centered series.

Also hinted is that we may see Cyborg Superman finally appear, in the Reign of the Supermen story line, Cyborg Superman was the consciousness of Hank Henshaw living within the Cyborg body of a new Superman. In the New 52, Cyborg Superman was the consciousness of Kara’s father Zor-El, with Jeremiah Danvers being held captive at Cadmus Labs it’s not a huge stretch that we may see him return as Cyborg Superman, as he was Kara’s Earth father.

It would be cool to see if they get him in a Superman like suit as they managed to get John Wesley Shipp in a new version of The Flash suit. They do make mention of two villains, so it’s also possible both villains will make appearances. It’s also possible that the real Hank Henshaw will return as Cyborg Superman and will be a main villain as well.

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