David Ayers Debunks Suicide Squad Reshoots Rumors


Last night during the MTV Movie Awards a new amazing trailer for Suicide Squad was released. The trailer not only did its job at once again getting the fans hyped for the film, but it also debunked the rumor that Suicide Squad was going for reshoots to lighten the film up more with more humor.

Director David Ayer also went to Twitter to further explain the nature of the reshoots. Using the hashtag #Moreaction. Its pretty clear that not only is Warner Bros. extremely happy with the film, that they’re allowing David Ayer to add in what he wants, but the hashtag also shows the added footage is for actions scenes, not for humor. As actor Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) stated in his interview debunking the same rumor– “Don’t believe everything you read”.


Eric Curto
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