Will Smith Jokes on Wanting Deadshot to Become Batman


Will Smith who’s playing Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in  Suicide Squad, talked a bit about whether or not he’d be in Batman standalone film, which is being written by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns.

While discussing whether he’d like to be in a solo Batman film he bought up a story in the comics which Deadshot was forced to don the cape and cowl when Batman ended up out of commission. Smith then joked on how he would like to play Batman and went on to show off his Batman voice, which was great.

On a side note there is a story arc in which Deadshot becomes a vigilante and was able to keep the cops busy while making deals with other criminals. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Deadshot giving his own film or at least appear in a Batman film as a side story.

Eric Curto
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