David F. Sandberg to Direct Shazam for New Line for Possible 2019 Release


The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Shazam will be the next film in the DC Extended Universe to start filming, with a state date in January or February of 2018 for a 2019 release. Warner Bros. sister studio New Line Cinema is distributing the film.

This does suggest that no other DC Film is going into Production in 2017, making only Aquaman set to release in 2018, though New Line is a separate studio so it is still possible.

David F. Sandberg is going to direct the film from a script by Henry Gayden with Peter Safran, in talks to be producer on the film.

No cast were mentioned in the article, though with a start date announced its likely the film is already in its final casting stages and an announcement will happen at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Its unclear if Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will be in the film since he has a Black Adam film in development. There’s been hints that Black Adam could appear in the Man of Steel sequel, but nothing concrete.

Warner Bros. hasn’t commented on the news yet but David F. Sandberg did confirm it at San Diego Comic Con when asked by Kevin Smith. Though the link below states Dwayne Johnson is starring in it, this hasn’t been confirmed.


David F. Sandberg did take to Twitter to respond to a fan’s plea to keep Billy as a 14-year-old and not to disrespect the character, with Sandberg responding with a joke suggesting Steve Buscemi as Billy Batson.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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