David Harewood Tweets on His New Role and a Possible Tease


David Harewood, who has been cast as Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman has already started with the tweets and his excitement for the role. What is interesting about one of the tweets is, he jokes about not playing Supergirl, but than follows it up with “The costume fitted me like a dream” now it could just be a joke, but looking at David Harewood and Melissa Benoist there is little chance they are the same size.

Is it possible David Harewood was the role that was reported earlier as being Superman? Its possible that the Body Double casting call is to set up Superman as having fought Doomsday and is now “dead” giving Hank Henshaw the opportunity to become Cyborg Superman.  Could we end up seeing Cyborg Superman after all? Read below for a few of the tweets:

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