David S. Goyer Updates on Development for Green Lanterns Corps Movie


David S. Goyer who’s writing the script for Green Lantern Corps recently spoke with IGN at the Television Critics Association on the status on the film’s development stating “Still in the Works.” Goyer was later asked when we may get more definitive updates on the film and he responded:

“I don’t know. Who knows, especially with what’s currently going on with the DC universe? There’s obviously a whole recalibration happening with that right now.”

David S. Goyer’s been involved with writing many films and television shows connected with the DC Properties such as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, also the television shows like Constantine and the upcoming Superman prequel series Krypton.

After the box office disappointment of Justice League, many changes began to happen at Warner Bros. and the DC Films division with Jon Berg stepping down as co-head and being replaced by Walter Hamada, who’s been working on Shazam, has proven to be a good fit by keeping that film on track.

Source: IGN 

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