DC All Access Interviews Andrew Kreisberg on Arrow and The Flash


DC All Access sat down with Andrew Kreisberg, one of the Producer’s of The Flash, Arrow and the upcoming Supergirl television series on CBS and the Untitled CW Superhero Team Up Series.

DC All Access  asked a few questions on what to expect on Arrow and The Flash, whose shows will return next week with new episodes.

First off they talk on The Flash, giving a few episode titles, such as The Tricksters (with Mark Hamill) as Episode 17, Out of Time we already know is the next new episode, which will be Episode 15.

With Arrow we are given an insight on The Atom outfit, the fact that not only was is supposed to appear earlier in the season, but it was actually given a feature film budget. He also expresses his excitement on having Brandon Routh on The Flash, seeing as The Flash has a higher TV Budget, due to the visual effects given. He also goes on to say a Flash villain will appear on Arrow soon.

Eric Curto
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