DC Comics Dominates Bleeding Cool Top 10 Bestselling List


Bleeding Cool has released their “Top 10 Bestselling List” and it shows that DC Comics still dominating the comic book industry and that Batman and The Flash titles are among the best sellers. The retailers also have talked strongly about how well DC Comics has done.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7
Civil War II #8
All Star Batman #5
Justice League Suicide Squad #2
Detective Comics #947
Star Wars #26
Flash #13
Wonder Woman #13
Titans #6
Harley’s Little Black Book #5


Dark Knight III: The Master Race and sold at the top but the delays suffered hurt its previous sales.

Another point they mentioned was how well The Flash comics have sold. This is likely due to The CW television series starring Grant Gustin and The Flash’s cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad with Ezra Miller, sparking a lot interest in the character within the comics.

The other surprise is that Harley’s Little Black Book #5 made it to the top 10 list, while it’s no surprise Harley Quinn continues to be a hugely popular character, it’s surprising the last issue was a while ago. Read the full statement by the retailers over at BleedingCool.com.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Eric Curto

My name is Eric and I am loving this current comic book boom, I was around for the first one with Superman: The Movie, Supergirl(being the first female and crossover film) and Batman and have been enjoying the resurgence since Blade. Can't express how much I cannot wait for WB & DC to take back the film universe but until than I love the TV shows we have gotten. I only started reading comics about 10 years ago but am connected more to DC over Marvel or any other major company. If you wanna chat feel free to contact me
Eric Curto
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